Making the Parts

Here the parts will be listed in the order that I'm making them. Click on one of the thumbnail images below to view a description about each part. The list will grow as I build each new component of the wind turbine and new CAD files will appear in the Download section for each component listed here.

Design Chage: Yes. I've changed the design already. The original plan was was to connect the two magnet rotors together using 6mm bolts around the outer edges and to hold the stator, (coil disk), in place through an opening in the rear magnet rotor. I've now deceided it would be better to join the two magnet rotors through the inner 8mm bolt holes and attach the stator via an outer bracket. This means that what was the front magnet rotor is now the rear magnet rotor. The part and file below, (The Purple one), remain the same except for the name change.


First up are the blades. Click the thumbnail (left), to view a description and some photo's of making the blades for the wind turbine.

The rear magnet rotor. Click the image for more details.


This part will be the front bearing ring. Click the image for more details.



Making the Stator. Click the image for a bit of info on making the sator.




The Front Magnet Rotor.




Miscellaneous Parts.