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Building of the Mk2 wind turbine has started. Click below.

I've always been interested in renewable energy, especially generating electricity from the wind. Once the cost of the wind turbine has been met, it is essentially free power.

A few years ago I built a wind turbine as a hobby project, and although it worked. It was not particularly efficient. So inspired by my limited success. I decided I had to build a better one.

This website will grow as the wind turbine construction progresses. As new parts get designed and made, new site sections will appear. I'm making most of the parts on my homemade CNC router, but with some design changes and a bit of thought it should be easily buildable with hand tools and a good drill press.

A basic design has been draughted in CAD to get a feel for how all the parts will fit together. This is not an accurate model, so as each part is to be made, a new accurate model of that particular part is built and the Gcode is produced to run on the CNC router. Once a part is made and I'm happy that it fits, the model of that part then gets added to the overall wind turbine model. So it's kind of design, build and design again.

All of the CAD files will be available for download and you are welcome to use them however you wish. I may add the gcodes to the site if enough people are interested. The gcodes have been made to run on my machine and are optimized for the way I and the machine work. However they should run ok on any CNC that can execute gcode. Alternatively, you can produce your own gcodes from the CAD models.


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